Fiscal Panther Operating (02/03)


Fiscal Panther Operating is a tools for reviewing and managing operating (02/03 account) funding, spending, and projections.

Key Business Questions

This dashboard allows tracking of Operating (02/03) account balances, spending, and projections from PBCS Operating Funds Forecasting. Balances and spend can be view by RC and department. Trends for the past 5 years can be viewed. Individual transaction data can be viewed as well, including Panther Express Purchase Order data, credit card purchases, and Concur travel expenses.

  • Does my department have an account that is over balance, or projected to be over balance?

  • What is the budget and actual spend on an account by Subcode?

  • What SPAR distributions are on an account?

  • What are the invoice, check, PO or Concur details of a transaction?

  • What transactions have hit an account, and which are projected to hit?

  • Which purchase orders have an encumbrance?

  • How does my spending this year compare to previous years?

  • Which employees' salaries come from the account I manage?

Basic Usage

There are 5 tabs in this dashboard that can be navigated to directly:
Department Landing | Historical Expense & Revenue | Labor Distribution | SPAR and TEAM | Query Page

Drilldown can only be reached by first navigating to Query Page, then clicking on a transaction for more details.

Selection made for the RC, Entity, Department, and Projections filters are carried across each tab.

Info icons ( i ) can be seen throughout the dashboard. Hovering over these will provide more details.

Many parts of this dashboard have an export button that allow you export the list of data shown to an .xlsx file.

Department Landing

The Department Landing is a summary for the entity/department combinations you have selected. This page will default to show all departments in the RC selected that you have access for, but filter selections can be used to select one or more departments.

The visualization on the left shows budget, spend, encumbrances, and balances. Hover over the words ‘Income Statement’ to reveal a plus ( + ) icon. Click on this icon to expand the hierarchy. You can drill down from Income Statement >Roll-up Category > Parent Subcode > Subcode. Hovering over a line will show detail down to the reference code. Clicking on a line will filter all items on this page to that line’s level of detail.

In the top right are a series of balances and encumbrances.

At the bottom right is a viz that compares monthly spend for the past 5 years. Clicking on the fire icon towards the top right of this chart will change the viz to a burn rate.

Historical Expense & Revenue

This dashboard slices historical spend and revenue in a few ways. You can choose to show the data year-to-date or year-over-year. You can also display the amounts in dollars or percentages. The last 5 years of data are shown.

The left visualization compares the difference in expenses and revenue over 5 years. Hover over the words ‘Income Statement’ to reveal a plus ( + ) icon. Click on this icon to expand the hierarchy. You can drill down from Income Statement >Roll-up Category > Parent Subcode > Subcode.

The right visualization shows how the total expense and revenues for each year are broken into different categories.

Labor Distribution

This tab shows Labor Distribution for the selected department(s). The categories/bars on the left visualization can be clicked to filter the rest of the dashboard. No projections are shown on this page.



This page displays a list of SPAR distributions and TEAM rates and tasks, depending on the selection. Projected salary information is displayed here. If you want to click on an export button, the data you want to export must be displayed. Otherwise, you will download an empty file.

Query Page

Please be aware that there is a lot of data behind this page. It may take some time to load and some time to apply filter selections.

This tab is for searching and viewing a list of transactions for the selected account(s). All transactions are shown by default, but you can choose to see encumbrances only by selecting the ‘Show Open ENCUBRANCES’ button.

Clicking on a Supplier or Expense Category on the left will filter the rest of the data.

Clicking on ‘Click for Details’ will navigate to the Transaction Details page.



This page will be empty unless the Query Page is used to navigate to it. This tab shows transaction details including General Ledger, invoice, check, and transaction-specific data (Concur, credit card, PO).


What is the source of this information?

There are many sources of data for this dashboard:

  • General Ledger Mart

  • Panther Express

  • Concur

  • PBCS Operating Funds Forecasting


All data are updated in the early morning with the previous day’s data. The dashboard refresh is usually completed by 9:30am each day.

How do I get access?

You will automatically have access to this dashboard if you have GL Mart Access. You will see all 02/03 account strings you have access to.

You can request GL Mart access through the Federated Authorization form. More information can be found here: Federated Authorization Community.





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