Student Graduation Basic Dashboard


The Student Graduation Basic Dashboard provides academic and degree information for students graduated in a selected Fiscal Year/Academic Term. Use this dashboard to view the graduation numbers by degrees and academic plans, by demographic metrics or generate a list of students with their respective graduation addresses. Users may also use this dashboard as a template to build or customize their own versions of the dashboards for their needs.

Key Business Questions

This dashboard can be used to answer a number of questions, such as:

  • How many students graduated in my School/Program/Plan in a selected Academic Term?

  • How many degrees were received by each Degree Type?

  • How many students graduated in a particular Academic Plan?

  • What is the average and median term GPA for an undergraduate degree?

  • How many years did it take a freshman cohort of students to graduate?

  • What are the graduation demographics of students associated with a specific program/plan?

Basic Usage

Student Graduation Basic Dashboard contains two tabs

Student Graduation

In this view you will find the list of students who were awarded degrees as well as bar charts of degrees by types and by academic plans. All visualizations are dependent on the filter selection at the top of the screen. Clicking on one or more bar(s) in the bar charts will also filter the page to include data only for the selected bar(s). Filter settings can be saved using a custom view.

In the top right part of the dashboard (just below the filters), the “Number of Students” displays unique number of students based on the filter selection. However, in the tables and charts, there may be more than one record per student, as some students are graduated with multiple degrees/certificates.

Due to such diversity of study at the University of Pittsburgh, when a student selects a major that combines different degree types, the student must choose which type of degree they would like to receive.  In a case when only one degree is awarded, one of the plans is indicated as “primary” using the PRIMARY_SUBPLAN_DEGREE_COUNT = 1 and the other as “not primary” (PRIMARY_SUBPLAN_DEGREE_COUNT = 0).  Only the degree where PRIMARY_SUBPLAN_DEGREE_COUNT = 1 is counted towards the Degree Count (calculated field in the Student Graduation data source). This Degree Count field is used in the Degrees by Type visualization.

In the top left part of the dashboard, the “Number of Degrees” displays unique number of degree types based on the filter selection.

The Download button next to the row of filters will allow you to download each chart/table data in .XLSX or .CSV format. When the download menu pop ups, select the sheet which data you want to copy, select the Format, and then click Download. The file will be automatically saved in the Downloads folder on your PC.

The Degrees Awarded table includes the following fields:

Student Full Name

Degree Award Code

Graduation Address Line 2


Degree Award Type Code

Graduation Address Line 3

Student Birth Year

CIP Description

Graduation Address Line 4

Degree Conferred Date

Degree GPA

Graduation Address City

Sex Code

Baccalaureate Honors Description

Graduation Address State


Citizenship Status Description

Graduation Address Zip Code

Ethnic Group US Code

Academic Plan

Graduation Address Country Description


Graduation Address Line 1


The blue cells above highlight restricted fields. If you see empty (Null) values in these columns, see How Do I get access? section of this document.

In the bottom left corner of the view, you can see the date and time the tableau data extract was refreshed.

Graduation Demographics and Performance

In this view, you will find different demographic and performance metrics of the graduated students. The demographic visualizations at the top of the view (Citizenship, Ethnicity, Sex, and Gender) apply to all students regardless of the degree they received.

The performance metrics are split by the Degree Award Type. This means that Degree Award Type and Degree Award filters at the top of the view will not filter them. On the bottom left, you can see average and median GPA for the baccalaureate degrees, where both visualizations have the Degree Award Type preset to ‘BACC’ and there is separate BACC Degree Award filter to refine data for a particular degree. The values for the undergraduate degree average and median GPA are coming from Degree GPA field.

On the bottom right, the average and median GPA are for the advanced certificate, graduate, doctorate, and professional degrees. You can use Degree Award filter to view data for a particular degree. The values for the advanced degrees average and median GPA are coming from Last Enrolled Cumulative GPA field.

If you don’t see most of the visualizations on this page, it means that you don’t have access to the demographic and performance indicators data. See How Do I get access? section of this document.

Years to Graduation

The Years to Graduation view is also split into two sections: Years to Undergraduate Degree and Years to the Advanced Degrees. The filters at the top of the view will apply to both sections. The filters immediately above each chart will filter that chart only. The visualization on the left uses the First Time Freshman Term as a starting point of the student journey. The term when a student was admitted to the graduate, doctorate, or professional program is a starting point for the visualization on the right.

What is the source of this information?

The primary source of these data is the PeopleSoft Student system. This data is copied, transformed, and loaded into the data warehouse nightly, and subsequently loaded onto the Tableau Server as the Student Graduation Tableau Data Source. Data available today reflect the PeopleSoft data from one day prior. New data entered in PeopleSoft today will be reflected in the Student Graduation data source and accompanying dashboard tomorrow.

For Cognos Users: this data source is a close replica of the existing Cognos “St Graduation Query” package and is built from the student data mart (UD_DATA).

How do I get access?

Anyone with access to the student mart (ST) will have access to the Student Graduation Basic Dashboard. Users will only see their RC, unless otherwise approved on their Federated Authorization form.

To request access to the Student Mart, please fill out Student Mart Federated Authorization form. Please visit the Student Mart Security page for a summary of the Student Mart security principals, or the Federated Authorization Community page for step-by-step instructions and FAQs about how requests are routed.

Note: access to PeopleSoft is distinct from Student Mart and requires a separate request.

Special permission is required to see restricted fields: student GPA, student demographics, student identifiers. To request access to the restricted fields, make sure you check the box for restricted data access and select restricted data along with your description of the relevant justification or business need:





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