Student Enrollment and Tuition Basic Dashboard


The Student Enrollment and Tuition Basic dashboard offers academic and enrollment information for students enrolled in a selected term. You can review students’ academic information, performance indicators, assigned advisors, generate contact lists, review summarized enrollment demographics, or look at tuition and enrollment summaries and trends.

Users may use this dashboard as a template to build or customize their own versions of the dashboards for their needs. Read here for custom views.

The Student Enrollment and Tuition Basic dashboard is using the Student Enrollment and Tuition Data Source. The data source has data for all terms as of the previous business day and data as of a census date, captured for the last 5 years.

This dashboard does not have class enrollment data.

Students who are active, but not enrolled in a term selected, will not appear on this dashboard. Refer to Active Student Dashboard for active student data.

Key Business Questions

This dashboard can be used to answer different enrollment-related business questions, such as:

  • How many students are currently enrolled in each plan/subplan offered by my school?

  • Who are these students? What are their demographics/grades/credits?

  • What students are assigned to a specific advisor?

  • What are the overall enrollment demographics of my school?

  • Can I have a contact list of first-time students enrolled in my school in the fall?

  • What is the full-time enrollment at my school, and what is the tuition credited?

Basic Usage

The Student Enrollment and Tuition Basic Dashboard has four separate tabs, which can be accessed from the top of the view:

Student Enrollment

This dashboard provides a list of enrolled students with their academic information, advisors, performance indicators, admit and expected graduation terms, as well as some restricted demographics. Use drop-down filters along the top to filter charts and table. Clicking on one or more bar(s) in the bar charts will also filter the page to your selection. Filter settings can be saved using a custom view.

You must make a selection in the Snapshot Type filter and the Academic Term filter, or run with default values. The Academic Term filter will return students enrolled in the term selected. Snapshot Type filter (options are Term Census and Most Recent) allows you to choose between most recent data as of the prior business day and a historical snapshot taken at a term census date. When “Term Census” is selected, the data will be as of census date of the Academic Term selected. For example, 2234 (Spring Term 2022-2023) and Term Census snapshot type will show you data as of 2/4/2023, whereas 2234 and Most Recent snapshot type will show data as of yesterday.

We strongly recommend applying at least one of the filters to optimize performance. You can reset the filters by clicking on a Revert button.




In the top right of the dashboard, the “Number of Students” display shows the number of students for the selected filters. Each student is counted once. However, in the tables and charts, there may be more than one record per student, as some students are enrolled in multiple programs/plans.

Term GPA will be 0.000 for terms currently in session and the future terms; term GPA will have data after a term is over and grades are processed.

The list below shows fields visible in the table at the bottom of the dashboard. The Tableau Data Source offers many additional fields. Users can utilize Tableau’s Web Edit feature to customize the table and add new fields for their own purpose(s). Because you are reporting new columns vs applying filters, this needs to be done with Web Edit and cannot be done using the custom view functionality described above.

  • Student Last Name

  • Student First Name


  • Preferred Email

  • Academic Program

  • Academic Plan

  • Academic Plan Type

  • Academic Sub Plan

  • Academic Plan Type

  • Admit Term

  • IPEDS Level

  • IPEDS First Time

  • Full of Part Time

  • Full Time Dissertation

  • Age this Year

  • Expected Graduation Term

  • Degree Checkout Status

  • Residency Code

  • Citizenship Status

  • Citizenship Country

  • Ethnic Group Code

  • Gender

  • Sex

  • Cumulative GPA

  • Cumulative Units

  • Total Units Taken GPA

  • Credits Billed

  • Tuition Credited

  • Units in Progress GPA

  • Term GPA

The “Students per Program/Plan” visualization can be expanded to show totals for Academic Plan and Subplan levels. Click on the sign that appears when hover over the “Academic Program” heading. Click on the sign next to “Academic Program” to collapse headings. Expanding these views will result in students being counted in each plan enrolled, meaning that the sum of individual bars may exceed the actual number of students within a given program.

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Enrolled Student Mailing List

This dashboard provides a list of enrolled students, their contact information, and restricted gender/ethnicity/first generation. Restricted fields will have data only for users who have Student Mart restricted access granted (for information about access, see the section on data access). This table lists each student once, even if a student is enrolled in multiple programs/plans. It can be used for mailing purposes, contact lists, or other student lists. The data captures students as of yesterday.

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Enrollment Demographics

This dashboard shows geographic and demographic profile of students in your program/plan/subplan.

The Residency bar chart can be used as a filter for other bar charts and maps. It allows you to see numbers for residents only. Residents are students whose residence code is set to R. All students who are residents are considered to be PA residents, regardless of their home address.

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Enrollment Tuition and Counts

This dashboard shows student enrollment and tuition for your school. You have an option to include/exclude College in High School and Cooperative Education. The dashboard excludes Pitt-Outlier (UOUT) Academic Program and Semester at Sea. The student data is included in counts only for primary plans and for students whos split ratio b


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What is the source of this information?

The primary source of these data is the PeopleSoft Student system. This data is copied, transformed, and loaded into the data warehouse nightly, and subsequently loaded onto the Tableau Server as the Student Enrollment and Tuition Data Source. Data available today reflects yesterday’s PeopleSoft data. New data entered in PeopleSoft today will be in student mart, data source, and dashboard tomorrow.

For Cognos Users: this data source is a close replica of the existing Cognos “St Enrollment and Tuitoin Query Pkg” package and is built from the student data mart (UD_DATA).

How do I get access?

Anyone with access to Student Mart (ST) will have access to the Student Enrollment and Tuition Basic Dashboard. Users will only see their RC, unless otherwise approved on their Federated Authorization form.






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