Alteryx Designer provides data scientists and data analysts with a Swiss Army-knife for data. It has tools for data extraction, transformation, geospatial mapping, and predictive analytics—all in one easy to use package. Alteryx workflows can be used to integrate systems, extract data from third-party APIs, run R and Python scripts, read and write data to campus databases, and prepare large datasets for analytics and data visualization in tools like Tableau.

Licensed users can make use of the University’s Alteryx server to schedule workflows or deploy workflows as shareable Analytic Applications. 

Key Benefits

  1. Save time and effort by using automated workflows to replace manual data tasks.

  2. Create predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics for all—code-free for analysts and code-friendly for data scientists.

  3. Connect to data wherever it lives—in the cloud, data warehouses, Microsoft Excel, social media data, and other platforms.

  4. Use a friendly drag-and-drop experience to prep, blend, and analyze data.

  5. Provide scalable customization, scheduling, and publication of analytics. 

Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Designer is available for purchase from PantherExpress. It is not available for personal purchase. A 14-day trial is available from Alteryx to allow users to evaluate the tool. Alteryx Designer allows data analysts and data scientists to create reusable data movement and manipulation workflows.  These workflows can connect to numerous data sources and file formats to read data, perform value-add functions such as joins, pivots, calculations, and summarizations, and then write the data back to a database, external file, a report, or an e-mail.

All users who purchase an Alteryx Designer license are invited to join Pitt's Alteryx User Group.

Alteryx Server

Alteryx Server allows data analysts and data scientists with an Alteryx Designer license to publish their workflows, and schedule them to be run on a regular cadence.  The Alteryx server also allows data analysts and data scientists to create Analytics Apps, which are workflows packaged to be run on-demand by those without an Alteryx Designer license.  Analytics Apps can collect input or data files from users and combine those inputs into the existing workflow.

Alteryx User Group

The Alteryx User Group meets quarterly.  All users who have purchased a Alteryx Designer license through Pitt IT receive an invitation to the user group. See below for upcoming schedule and recent topics.

Upcoming Calendar

Previous Meeting Materials/descriptions

Alteryx Training

Pitt IT Analytics does not offer Alteryx training. Below are training links and resources to get started with Alteryx Designer. Alteryx Designer license holders are encouraged to visit Analytics Doctor and the Alteryx User Group to receive additional support.

·         Alteryx Academy (Alteryx)

·         Alteryx Bootcamp (Udemy)

Alteryx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I connect Alteryx Designer to Pitt’s Alteryx server to publish a workflow?

  • How do a I access an Analytics App on the Alteryx server?

  • How do I use collections to organize my workflows on Alteryx server?

  • How do I connect to the University Data Warehouse (UDW) with Alteryx?

  • Can I send e-mails with Alteryx?

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